Spyderco is a modern brand that has pioneered much of the knife innovation you know today. Spyderco was started by Sal Glesser and his wife Gail. The C01 was not just the first Spyderco pocket knife—it was also the first production knife to feature a pocket clip and the Round Hole™. The designs have stayed familiar since then, but the materials and approach have constantly evolved.

Round Hole™ — Also known as the "Spydie Hole", this groundbreaking design made waves for its easy, ambidextrous opening.

Metallurgy — Spyderco was the first to use powder metallurgy in a production knife which has now become an industry standard. To this day, Spyderco is frequently the first to adopt the newest super steels.

Innovation — Spyderco is more than just a knife company. They always stay true to their identity without being afraid to raise the bar when it comes to manufacturing, design, and materials.