About Us

Welcome to the Sharp Side

     Hello, my name is Jeff McMillan and I am the owner of Sharp Side. If for some reason you would like to know a little about me and how my brand came to be here's the story. It started when I became ill and was basically bed ridden for about 3 months. Obviously I got very board so I started sharpening all my knives. I have spent 100s of dollars on sharpening stones and equipment. Among my sharpening equipment was a work sharp which I used to successfully take the tip of my $250 zt knife (ouch). To make a long sad story short I went back to hand sharpening. I successfully completed sharpening every knife in my collection except my convex knives. At this point I did not trust myself on a belt sander so I started trying to find a hand sharpener that I could use to keep a convex edge on knives like my Bark Rivers. After not being able to find one to buy I decided to make one. I discovered, on blade forum, that you could use sand paper over a mouse pad to achieve this result. I was very surprised how well this worked. I then started to use it on my non convex blades and it worked very well on them as well. Any knife I wanted to sharpen I always ended up using this sharpener. Much to the exasperation of my wife, the 100s of dollars in knife sharpening equipment set collecting dust. When I realized this I decided this thing is worth selling, so I went to work designing a sharpening system that could include everything needed to sharpen any knife, excluding very large knives, at an affordable price. After months of research and development, and tweaking everything from the base material to the adhesive used to secure the neoprene to the base, the knife sharpener below is what I came up with. After getting setup to sell it online I decided that I might as well sell some knives with it. That brings us about to present. The road goes on forever and the party never ends.