Sharp Side

Convex and flat edge knife sharpener with strop

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This knife sharpener is based off of a long-used technique to sharpen knives with a convex edge. This technique involves placing a piece of sandpaper over mouse pad like material. As the knife is moved over the sandpaper the mouse pad dips inward creating a convex edge. A convex edge may be put on any blade or grind using this method. The base of the sharpener is a 9”x 2 ¾”x 1/3” piece of black plexiglass. This provides the sharpener with a very ridged and flat base. The 2 ¾” width allows the user to get exactly 4 strips of sand paper out of a standard 9”x 11” sheet. Then a 7 ¾”x 2 ¾”x ¼” piece of closed-cell neoprene is bonded to the center of the base, leaving a little over ½” of the base uncovered at each end. The neoprene material is water and oil resistant so that the user may use oil or water while sharpening. A piece of “provided” 9”x 2 ¾” sandpaper is placed over the neoprene and is secured to each end by the “provided” binder clips. The sandpaper may be secured over the neoprene to produce a convex edge or to the back of the base to produce a flat edge. A strip of vegetable tanned leather is also included and can be attached to the back of the base for stropping. The kit includes one base with attached neoprene material, 3 strips of 120 grit, 3 strips of 320 grit, 3 strips of 800 grit and 3 strips of 2500 grit sand paper along with the leather strop and 2 binder clips. The binder clips can be used to secure the sandpaper and leather strop to the base to keep the entire kit together while being stored.